My Journey 

Architecture & Photography 

Me | Simplified 

Having grown up in the middle east & southeast Asia and coming from a multicultural household, I have always had an interest in learning and discovering the rest of the world. I tend to let my curiosity lead and guide me as i try to expand on my library of experiences. 

Interests | Broadening 

I have always been fascinated by the world of photography, capturing a moment artistically or sentimentally was my way of expressing myself. this has lead me to taking up more hobbies in art, editing, and writing. architecture was an inevitability in my life. 

Education | Perduring 

I have completed my masters degree in Architecture in La Salle University in the year 2022. During my career, I have expanded my skills photo/video editing, designe, speaking, and much more. anything that could lead to an improvement of my work and production has always been priority.   




several projects that were created throughout my architectural studies, most projects have differing subjects of concentration as urbanism, structures, construction and more. 

Designe Studio 

The P.A.C village is a growing community that is creating a link on train tracks by means of a housing project and an agricultural park that spans the tracks and grows with time. 

Production on the Agri-parks creates jobs and helps sustain the housing project aimed at drawing in the creative minds just as much as providing refuge for those in need. 


The zero-carbon footprint restaurant is one of a collective of buildings striving to achieve maximum sustainability both in construction and lifetime use. 

The restaurant is a modular project with prefabricated elements that follow a 5 by 5 meter grid. The main element are the one or two meter rammed earth walls. The buildings of most of its solar end climate issues bye passive systems made up of adaptable architectural elements.



Town Planning 

The Girona Housing Project was a deep urbanistic study of the fabric of the city of Girona, where an extensive mapping analysis was done to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses along the main connective Rd of the city. 

After selecting an area eligible for improvement, an urban restructuring was created with a deep development of public, commercial, and housing spaces following the urban guidelines of this state.


several photos captured during my travels around the world. simple and armature in nature, I have always believed in the idea of capturing moments despite the technicalities. with simple concepts and practice, any lens can provoke any intention. 





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